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High Pressure Injection Quills

Welcome to world-class high-pressure-injection-quills suppliers from India

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Fixed Injection Quill
Fixed Injection Quill
These are used for injection of corrosion inhibitors and other special chemicals into the Oil, Gas, Crude & other fluid pipe line. Typical material of construction is SS 316 / 304 grade, Inconel 625/825, Monel, Hastelloy, Super Duplex Etc.
Retractable Injection Quill
Retractable Injection Quill
These are used to insert the Quill & Spray Nozzles and Corrosion Coupons into main Oil & Gas pipe line up to pressures of 10 to 30 Bar without shutting down the flow in the main pipe line.
Access Fittings
Access Fittings
These are used to insert injection Quill, corrosion Coupons & Probes into high pressure (up to 600 bar) oil & gas pipelines without shutting down the flow in the main lines
Service Valve
Service Valve
These are used in conjunction with Retrievable tools to insert injection Quill, corrosion Coupons & Probes into high pressure oil & gas pipeline without shutting down the flow in the main pipeline

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  • Best source of high pressure injection quills from India
  • World class high pressure injection quills from India
Welcome to world-class High Pressure Injection Quills from Crystal Industrial from India

In the past, high pressure injection quills have been little more than a piece of tube extending into a pipe. This design is vulnerable to erosion-corrosion and cavitation in the piping due to vortex shedding and other hazards. Moreover, often these quills and the piping just downstream are not properly inspected. Due to which there have been numerous cases of damage to the piping immediately following these quills.

Crystal's chemical Injection Quills from India have a tapered shape which reduces the effects of vortex shedding, thus vastly reducing the likelihood of erosion-corrosion, cavitation, and quill fatigue cracking.

Each quill is custom designed for a specific application keeping in mind the vortex shedding, erosion, vibration, resonance and strength of the attachment to the pipe, according to ASME rules. The quill can be supplied with one or two root valves.

Crystal Industrial's, Chemical Injection Quills sourced from India are employed for the introduction of medium to highly corrosive chemicals into pipelines without damaging the side port or the pipe wall at the point of injection.

high pressure injection quills ensure even dispersion of chemicals into the center of the pipeline, thus preventing channeling of the chemicals down the pipe walls.

Both the body and stinger of Crystal's injection quills from India are constructed of chemical resistant plastics or alloys (316, PVC, SS, Kynar, or Hastelloy C-276).

Each injection quill unit of Crystal Industrial comes in total with an integral removable ball check with spring loaded, to avoid flow of the injected chemical passing into the main flow when the system is shut down. 

Crystal's injection quills from India come with stinger lengths of 3” and 5” are available from stock.  All injection quills from Crystal Industrial come by default with FNPT x MNPT connections for appropriate installations.



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